Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Why Organization should use Chat Channel to support customers?

In the traditional days, Voice channel was more popular. However, nowadays you will find Chat becoming more popular. Let's understand why businesses should use Chat channels to support their Customer.

Chat Widget on Website: Companies nowadays just need to paste the chat script code on their website and immediately their customers can see the Chat window and can get in touch for help. In the earlier days, it required complex customization to add chat on the website.

Immediate Resolution: Using Webchats customers can contact the Help desk immediately without waiting on the "Call" channel and connect with Live Agents and get a resolution as fast possible. If you take an example of the "Call" channel first the person has to call the center and the majority of the time has to wait and then once connected has to explain the details and get resolution. It took a long time. However, in Chat channel you just hit the Chat window with a message and you get information at your fingertip without waiting for a long time

Reduce Cost & Increase in ROI & Efficiency: Using Chat Channel companies can accommodate 1 Live chat to handle multiple chats. Therefore at a time, 1 Live Chat Agent can handle 2 to 3 chats at a given time which is not possible in Call channel. Let's take an example that in a Center you have Phone support & Chat support. Everyday 1 Phone support Agent is able to handle 20 calls per day. However, in the case of Chat support, the Live Chat Agent can handle more than 20 chats because he can deal with multiple clients at a given time. Therefore companies are migrating their Call channels to Chat channels so that the Cost of support can be reduced & ROI can be increased.

Reducing Customer Efforts: With the help of Live Chats Customer are connected to Live Chat immediately and also they don't have to repeat the information because all past history gets recorded in the Chat software with the latest question, so the Live Agent just needs to ask more questions if required and proceed to resolve the case. In the Live Chat Support Agent can share the screenshot to help the customer and also customer can share the screenshot which might help the support agent to fix the issue. It really helps a lot when it comes to Techsupport where agents need screenshots to understand the issue.

Increase in Sales using Proactive Chats: With the help of Live Chat companies can set up Triggers to proactively reach out to their customers when they are on their Website browsing the Product information.  Webchat interventions have demonstrated the ability to convert 30-40% of online sales that are usually lost at the shopping cart stage. Proactive chat can guide visitors along the sales process, resolve issues, and answer any queries they may have in real-time. This will continue, more so since webchat offers endless strategic sales options for upselling and cross-selling such as discounts, bundle deals, and subscriptions. With the help of proactive chat, companies have reduced the shopping cart abandonment rate and increased the online sale conversion rate in the eCommerce domain.

Chat Analytics makes customer interactions more productive: Many Live Chat Software provides customer details to the Live Chat which increases Agent efficiency, increases resolution, reduces agent efforts, and increases overall productivity. They bring user information to Live chats like the location of the customer, browser type, the page from where he is chatting, website path, his past chats history with the case number, his customer profile in detail. With the help of this information, Live Chat agent can easily understand customer issues and prevents asking repetitive questions and resolve the customer issue immediately. This reduced the Average Handle time and increases the First Contact resolution which is a direct measure of Agent Productivity & Efficiency.

Improves First Contact Resolution (FCR): Implementation of Live Chat increases First Contact Resolution because customers get the resolution immediately on the Chat itself. Higher the First Contact Resolution fewer customers will call or email the customer support department and that will reduce the Cost of Support.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Once you implement Live Chat the First Contact Resolution will increase and that has a direct correlation with Customer Satisfaction Score. Your customer will immediately Rate the Live Chat and your Customer Satisfaction will increase.

As a Customer Support Department below are some important Chat Metrics which be measured on an ongoing basis:

Quality Metrics:

1. Customer Satisfaction Score: Once the Chat is completed a Survey should be shared immediately so that customer can share their review. This will help the business to measure customer satisfaction. Industry baseline average is to keep at least 90% Customer Satisfaction.

2. Chat Quality: Random Chat should be picked up for evaluation so that Live Chat Agent can get feedback for improvement. Many companies set a Chat Interaction Quality goal and are mapped to their Balanced scored card.

Service Level Metrics:

1. Average Speed of Answer: Average Speed of Answer (ASA) is the total wait time that chatters are in the Chat queue, divided by the number of Chats handled. The industry average is 30 sec. Every customer support department should measure this on an ongoing basis. If the average speed of the is less it means customers are efficiently handled.

2. Chat Abandonment Rate: It is % of Chat Missed by the Customer Support Chat Center. For example, if a Center has handled 1000 Chats in a Month and they missed 50% chats then it means the Abandonment Rate is 5%. The Center should try to maintain a <5% Abandonment Rate to ensure that its customers are happy.

3. % of Chat handled within 30 sec: It measures the % of Chats handled within 30 sec. Many businesses they have SLA with their Customer Support Department like 90% of Chat should be handled within 30 sec. (Example: If the Center received 1000 Chats then 900 chats should be answered within 30 sec ASA). Average Industry baseline target for this Metric is (80% of Chat to be handled within 30 sec)

Metrics, when not measured, cannot be managed. After implementing the Chat channel above are the 5 Metrics which must be measured on an ongoing basis.

Below are the Top 3 Live Chat Software available in the market.

1. Zendesk Chat
2. Live Chat
3. Olark Chat

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